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Dental Implants

Dental  Implants are artificial teeth that are placed in your jaw where your natural teeth used to be. After the healing time, a crown can be placed on the implant site. Your smile will be fully functional and start to feel like your own natural set of teeth in a very short amount of time. 

The major risks for tooth loss are tooth decay or trauma, your genes may also play a role in some oral health problems. Even though missing teeth do not  present a serious danger for oral health, every tooth is functionally and aesthetically important. İt inhibits your ability to chew properly. People who have experienced tooth loss feel less confident and smile less and therefore one concerns about appearance. When a tooth is lost and no force is applied to the bone it resorbs and becomes smaller and thinner. Today, dental implants with attached crowns are the preferred method for treating tooth loss to help preserve the jaw structure by preventing atrophy from bone loss.

Patients are commonly sedated during dental implant surgery to protect against pain. Most patients are put under conscious sedation while local anaesthesia is applied to the area of the mouth that is being worked on. After implant surgery, you should allow three to six months for recovery to fuse with your jawbone. Once your implant is healed, a mock-up is used as a guide for tooth preparation. İt’s just a matter of fixing a permanent crown over the implant.  

Dental Implant Techniques

There are several surgical implant techniques. During your initial consultation for dental implants, we take a 3D CT-Scan to evaluate your bone structure and bone density. Dental implant imaging plays an important role in making sure the results are satisfactory. 

Classic Dental Implants

Used as the most common dental implant technique since there is a bone loss caused by tooth loss left un-replaced. During surgery to place the dental implant, your oral surgeon makes a cut to open your gum and expose the bone. At this point, bone grafting may take place if you do not have enough natural bone in your jaw. Some patients who have suffered bone loss, thus not having sufficient bone support necessary for dental implants, get the support they need by having a sinus augmentation. A full recovery takes a minimum from three to six months.

Flapless İmplant Surgery // Non-Surgical Implantation 

Non-Surgical Implantation does not involve taking incisions into the patient’s gums, as is usual in other implant procedures, and therefore, negates the need for sutures after the procedure has been completed. Dental CT Scans are performed to produce three dimensional images of your teeth, bone and nerves all in one scan. We want to make sure that the implants will fit you properly. Flawless technique is simple, less traumatic to bone, less bleeding, time and pain post operatively. Many patients are able to return to work the day after dental implant surgery.

Immediate Implant Placement 

The Immediate implant placement is when an implant is placed at the same time as the natural tooth is extracted. The advantages of this procedure include reduction in overall treatment time and preservation of the bone and gingival tissues. Post surgical we expect less swelling and lower risks of an infection.

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