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Full Dentures (or partial dentures)

Several oral health conditions have a basis due to heredity. Related risk factors may not only lead to the loss of tooth substance, but also to the loss of permanent and natural teeth. Losing your natural teeth affects not only the appearance of your smile – it can also have a negative impact on the way you speak. 

Dentures are available to anyone who has suffered significant tooth loss. Two types of dentures are available. Partial dentures can be removable or remain in place. The complete dentures will fit properly and match the patient’s facial features. In case of a tooth loss, removable or fixed denture prosthetics are an option. .

Fixed Prosthodontics

Once installed, a fixed prosthetic cannot be removed. Examples of fixed prostheses can include artificial teeth, (or tooth reduction?), crowns (caps), inlays (modified crowns), Onlays (modified Inlays) and veneers (covers for the tooth surface). 

  • Porcelain fused to metal dental crowns
  • Zirconia crowns,
  • Dental Veneers.

Porcelain fused to Metal Dental Crowns  

Is provided as a temporary solution to help our patients not only aesthetically but also in terms of functionality.  

Zirconia Crowns 

Used on cracked, weakened or damaged teeth. This treatment can basically be considered as a cap going over your tooth. It’s a restoration of the entire tooth, while some of the tooth structure is removed. After preparing the teeth, impressions are taken and sent to the laboratory while a temporary crown is placed onto the tooth. Computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software programs are used for these dental procedures. The technology can complete restoration procedures from a single block of ceramics, including dental crowns. Once your customised crown is prepared, we replace the temporary crown and make sure to make you smile. 


Applying dental veneers typically involves either no grinding or grinding down a tiny amount of the tooth structure. Veneers are a bit like the teeth’s equivalent of false nails. Veneers can be used to treat a number of different cosmetic concerns, including closing gaps in between teeth, weakened or broken teeth. The material that is used to bond them to your teeth is not harmful to your natural teeth, unlike to zirconia crowns. Compared to the tip of a pencil, they are usually 0.3 mm thick. Once veneers are properly positioned they are as stable and strong as your natural teeth for many years. 

During your first appointment impressions are taken (wax-up). An intraoral scanner is used to show you your before and end result before you even starting the procedure (mock-up). To begin the treatment, the impression and shade are sent to a laboratory to create a custom porcelain veneer that fits precisely to your teeth. 

Tooth preparation includes a small amount of tooth enamel removed to make room for your veneer. Your dentist will give you a restoration to wear until your veneers are ready. They are not meant to be permanent. One week after, we fit and adjust your veneers until they are properly placed. Your bite will be checked. 

Once adjusted, the veneer is permanently bonded to the surface of the teeth with a guarantee of 8 years and over 20 years of usage made in our Engin Aksoy German Dental Clinic office. 

Removable Dental Prosthesis 

A dental prosthesis is a dental appliance that replaces a missing tooth. These removable prosthetic devices can be removed by the patient, when using it, is not necessary. They can be custom-configured into any arrangement to fill in for missing teeth or even replace all the teeth missing in one patient’s mouth.The most common types of dentures are as followed:


Total Prosthetics: Complete dentures replace all of your teeth and are generally made of Acrylic. 

Partial Prosthetics: Removable partial dentures replace some but not all of your teeth. They can be removed by the patient. A partial denture is not only used to fill a gap caused by a missing tooth but also offers aesthetics and functionality. It is usually made of Acrylic, has clips or clasps that hold the denture in place.

Immediat Prosthetics: An interim prosthesis is a provisional, temporary prosthesis and can be utilised for aesthetically benefits after a tooth extraction. Since tooth extraction causes trauma to the gums and nearby tissues, swelling can be expected. During this healing time patients can benefit from an immediate denture inserted the same day (designed to be temporary) while your permanent dentures are being made. 

Prosthetics above implants: Implant supported dentures are removable implant-stabilised dentures which provide stability and restore up your chewing ability.  

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